Engine sounds through your speakers
Wrumer is a device that plugs into your car's OBD2 port and plays engine sounds through the speakers.
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How it works
Wrumer is a device that plugs into the car's OBD2 port. Through OBD2, Wrumer can access data, such as live RPMs and throttle activation.
OBD port
Wrumer app
iOS/Android app
The Wrumer app connects to both the Wrumer device and your car's stereo system. It analyzes the real-time data from the engines and simulates enhanced engine sound through the speakers.
Also works with other similar apps like RevHeadz
Compatible with
all cars with OBD2 (all made after 2004; most made after 1996)
❗️ ⚡️ Currently doesn't work with electric cars.
🔊 Connecting to the speakers 🔊
AUX input
How you connect your phone to the speakers can introduce a delay. The best way to do it is using an AUX cable, which guarantees minimal delay.
✅ Universal AUX to USB C + Lightning cable included in the box 🔌
Wrumer with AUX cable
No AUX input
The other way is using a USB cable or Bluetooth. Both of those methods can introduce a delay.

Check for a delay by connecting to the speakers and playing a video. If the audio from your speakers is synced with the video, Wrumer will sound good on your speakers.
Portable speaker
If you do not have an AUX input and there is a big delay when using the other methods, the last thing you can try is using a portable speaker. Most portable speakers do not introduce a delay when playing audio.
Poratble speaker
When using Wrumer, you can choose the following sounds:
Skyline Skyline Play sound Stop sound
German V8 German V8 Play sound Stop sound
Italian V10 Italian V10 Play sound Stop sound
British V12 British V12 Play sound Stop sound
Muscle Muscle Play sound Stop sound
Rotary Rotary Play sound Stop sound
Lawn Mower Lawn Mower Play sound Stop sound
Spaceship Spaceship Play sound Stop sound
Farting Farting Play sound Stop sound
Tractor Tractor Play sound Stop sound
Airplane Airplane Play sound Stop sound
More coming soon...
You can add the following sound effects:
Turbo Whistle Turbo Whistle Play sound Stop sound
Backfires Backfires Play sound Stop sound
Wrumer also works as a normal OBD2 scanner. Use it with any FREE scanner app to diagnose your car, read/clear error codes, and much more.
Car Scanner Car Scanner
EOBD Facile EOBD Facile
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- Over 5000 Sold!
Wrumer is a device that plugs into your car's OBD2 port and plays engine sounds through the speakers.
In the box:
- Wrumer device
- Universal AUX to USB C + Lightning cable
€49,90 €34,90
Shipping Worldwide 📦
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🔊 Read the Connecting to the speakers section before ordering to make sure Wrumer will work with your car.
❗️ ⚡️ Currently doesn't work with electric cars.
Sold out
Wrumer is currently sold out. It will be available again on April 1st 2023. Leave your email with us and be the first one to know when it's available again.
Neelay - Toyota Avensis
“I first saw it in my Uber driver's car. I ordered one so I could show it to my friends. Driving around town with it is so much fun 😅”
Grega - WV Tiguan
“I ordered Wrumer as a joke when I saw it on TikTok. I have to say it sounds way more responsive then I expected.”
Paul - BMW 3 Series
“My girlfriend bought me Wrumer for my birthday. Best gift I received that year 😂”
Will - Kia Ceed
“It took me less then a minute to setup. Worked perfectly in my Kia Ceed.”
Petar - Toyota Avensis
“Device is exactly what I expected it to be. My friends and I found the sound of a Lawn Mower in a Toyota hilarious.”
Lukas - BMW 2 Series
“Easy to setup. I had no idea what an OBD2 port was before I bought Wrumer. After searching Google I found it under the steering wheel.”
About Us
Who We Are
We are a team of car enthusiasts from Slovenia 🇸🇮 who wanted to make a product that would make driving more fun. We believe that Wrumer is that product 🚗💨
We came up with the idea of Wrumer in 2022 and lunched after a year of testing and development. Since then, we have sold over 6000 units worldwide 🌍
Wrumers are shipped from our warehouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮📦
Is Wrumer compatible with my car?
Wrumer is compatible with ALL brands of cars. Your car needs to have something called an OBD2 port. All cars made after the year 2004 have that port and most cars made between 2004 and 1996 have it as well. If you are not sure if your car has an OBD2 port, you can find that out by searching it on Google.
Can I listen to music while using Wrumer?
You cannot listen to the car's radio, but you can listen to music playing in the background on your phone. Explanation video: Link
Can I use Wrumer if I don't have an AUX port?
Please refer to: Connecting to the speakers
If I order today, when can I expect to get Wrumer?
We offer both economy and express shipping. You can find the exact shipping costs and times here: https://wrumersound.com/pages/shippings-methods-and-costs
If I order Wrumer and it doesn't work with my car, will I get a refund?
Yes! Please refer to: Handling Returns
I'm having problems with Wrumer, what can I do?
Please refer to: Troubleshooting Guide